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1804 Renaissance: Unveiling New Horizons for Haiti

Celebrating Haitian Heritage, Empowering Voices, and Inspiring Change


1804 Renaissance is more than a talk show; it's a journey into the heart of Haiti. We delve into the history, culture, and promise of a nation that's ready to be rediscovered. Join us as we explore stories that inspire, challenge, and transform perceptions. Let's celebrate Haiti together!

Exploration of Haiti's

Rich History

Delving into the nation's vibrant past, from the landmark year 1804 to its cultural heritage and traditions

Focus on Future Potential

Highlighting Haiti's untapped opportunities, innovative minds, and paths towards growth and positive change.

Inspiring Conversations

Featuring engaging dialogues with thought leaders, artists, historians, and visionaries, all contributing to a renewed and positive narrative of Haiti.

Spotlight on Change: Featured Episode of 1804 Renaissance

Diving Deep into Global Issues - A Journey of Insight and Inspiration

Celigny Dathus

Gospel Artist, Influencer, Entrepreneur and Coach

Harmonizing Faith and Digital Dreams: Celigny Dathus' Journey from Gospel to YouTube Mastery Ep. 37

Sunday April 21st, 2024

Celigny Dathus, a multifaceted individual hailing from Haiti, has carved a niche for himself not only as a celebrated gospel artist but also as a pioneering entrepreneur, YouTuber, and coach. Born on August 2, 1997, Celigny's musical journey is deeply rooted in his Christian upbringing, where he found solace and expression in the hymns of his church choir. His evolution from a choir member to a revered gospel artist speaks volumes of his dedication to his craft and his desire to inspire through his music. Beyond his soulful melodies, Celigny has ventured into the entrepreneurial world, channeling his creative energies into innovative platforms and mentorship programs, particularly through his creation of the Haitian YouTube Academy.

In his entrepreneurial endeavors, Celigny Dathus stands out as a visionary, guiding young Haitians on the path to harnessing the power of digital platforms like YouTube for content creation and monetization. His insights into the digital landscape are not just theoretical; they are enriched by his practical experiences and successes as a content creator and influencer. Through the Haitian YouTube Academy, Celigny offers a roadmap for aspiring Haitian YouTubers and digital entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to turn their passions into profitable ventures. His dual identity as a gospel artist and an entrepreneur allows him to blend inspiration with innovation, making him a prominent figure in Haiti’s cultural and digital spheres.

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Our Excellent Hosts & Expert Staff

Yvener Duroeau

Executive Producer & Co-host

Jean Max Voltaire


Stecie Guerrier


Fritznel D. Octave

Editor in Chief & Co-host

Dr. Christophe Milien, MD

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Rick Boris Isidore

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Merisca Kostadinorv

Social Media Manager

Featured Episodes

Explore our latest conversations with thought leaders, historians, artists, and visionaries who are shaping the future of Haiti. Discover insights and perspectives that enrich our understanding of this vibrant land.


Exploring Haiti's Vibrant Tapestry: Stories, Insights, and Aspirations

Guilaine Brutus: Harnessing Cultural Identity for Haiti’s Transformation

Guilaine Brutus: Harnessing Cultural Identity for Haiti’s Transformation

Explore the impactful journey of Guilaine Brutus, a dedicated migration consultant and Haitian heritage advocate, on "1804 Renaissance." Discover how her extensive experience in International Relation... ...more

Guest Introductions

April 03, 20243 min read

Roselaure Charles: A Catalyst for Change Beyond International Women's Month

Roselaure Charles: A Catalyst for Change Beyond International Women's Month

Discover Roselaure Charles, whose work transcends International Women's Month, continuing to influence gender equality and storytelling. Her collaboration with SheBuilds and La Voix des Femmes is revo... ...more

Guest Introductions

April 02, 20244 min read

Lucia Dominique Pascale Solages: A Beacon of Hope for Haiti's Renaissance

Lucia Dominique Pascale Solages: A Beacon of Hope for Haiti's Renaissance

Discover the inspiring journey of Lucia Dominique Pascale Solages, a Haitian feminist and political activist, who co-founded NÈGÈS MAWON, an organization championing the cause of women and justice in ... ...more

Guest Introductions

April 02, 20243 min read

Empowering Voices: Social Activism and Digital Literacy with Leila Joseph

Empowering Voices: Social Activism and Digital Literacy with Leila Joseph

Discover the inspiring journey of Leila Joseph, a young Haitian advocate for human rights and digital literacy. Learn how her work in social activism, powered by digital platforms, is amplifying voice... ...more

Guest Introductions ,Social Justice & Advocacy Education & Empowerment &Innovation and Entrepreneurship

March 10, 20243 min read

 Dr. Christophe Milien: A Beacon of Hope in Haiti's Healthcare Landscape

Dr. Christophe Milien: A Beacon of Hope in Haiti's Healthcare Landscape

Discover the inspiring journey of Dr. Christophe Milien, a champion for women's health in Haiti. From his early days to becoming a global health leader, read how he's transforming lives through dedica... ...more

Guest Introductions

February 19, 20243 min read

Ruth Jean: A Beacon of Hope in the Legal World

Ruth Jean: A Beacon of Hope in the Legal World

Discover the inspiring journey of Ruth Jean, from her early days as an undocumented immigrant to becoming an award-winning immigration attorney. Learn how her personal experiences fueled her passion f... ...more

Guest Introductions

February 11, 20244 min read

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Voices of Inspiration: Guest Testimonials

Hear from our esteemed guests about their experience on the 1804 Renaissance show, and the impact of sharing their stories with the world.

Dr. Arthur Boyer

Higher Education & Leadership Consultant; Life Coach

"I had the opportunity to be a guest on the 1804 Renaissance show. The experience was invaluable, thanks to the well-structured format and the wonderful environment provided by the hosts. I hope my participation contributed to the great mission and vision of the show. It would certainly be a pleasure to return."

Dr. Marie F. Celestin

Wellness & Self-Care Coach | Author | Podcast Host

"The show is an invaluable platform highlighting the culture, stories, and people sustaining Haiti's legacy. The hosts intentionally ask in-depth questions and give each guest time to share their unique message and journey with the audience. I learn something new with each episode. This is a must-watch wherever you are in the world!"

Dr. Jean G. Mathurin

Author, Senior Medical Officer / Flight Surgeon

"I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to appear on your esteemed talk show, 1804 Renaissance. The experience was nothing short of enlightening and enriching. Your show serves as a significant platform that delves deeply into Haiti's rich history and culture while shedding light on its unlimited potential for growth and innovation. I cannot commend you enough for the work you do to transform perceptions and narratives about our beautiful nation."

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1804 Renaissance

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What is '1804 Renaissance' about?

'1804 Renaissance' is a talk show hosted by Yvener Duroseau, Jean Max Voltaire, and Fritznel D. Octave exploring Haiti's rich history, culture, and untapped potential. The show aims to inspire change, celebrate Haitian heritage, and highlight the opportunities that lie ahead for Haiti.

How can I become a guest on '1804 Renaissance'?

If you have insights, experiences, or a vision that aligns with the themes of our show, we'd love to hear from you! Visit the "Become a Guest" section on our website and fill out the application form. Our team will review submissions and reach out to potential guests.

Where can I watch episodes of '1804 Renaissance?

Episodes of '1804 Renaissance' can be found on our website, as well as popular streaming platforms. Follow us on social media for regular updates on new episodes and special content.

How is '1804 Renaissance' contributing to positive change in Haiti?

'1804 Renaissance' strives to reshape narratives about Haiti by highlighting its cultural richness and future potential. Through engaging conversations with thought leaders, we aim to inspire and foster a sense of pride, unity, and empowerment among Haitians and friends of Haiti worldwide.

Can I suggest topics or guests for '1804 Renaissance'?

Yes! We welcome suggestions for topics, guests, or themes that align with our show's mission. You can submit your ideas through the contact form on our website, and we'll do our best to explore opportunities to incorporate them into our programming.

How can I stay connected with '1804 Renaissance' and get updates?

Stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, and visiting our website regularly. We share updates on upcoming episodes, special events, and exclusive content with our community.

Can I sponsor or advertise on '1804 Renaissance?

Yes, we offer sponsorship and advertising opportunities for businesses that align with our show's values and mission. For more information on available packages and pricing, please contact our team at [email protected]

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